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That's it, you've seen pictures, you've heard about our department: it's decided, you're going on a weekend or a vacation in Dordogne!

Yes, but you have come across dozens of sites with countless things to do in the Périgord and you don't know where to start or what to choose. Don't worry, you're in the right place.
We are honored to have been able to test many experiences in advance just for you.

The visits, the castles, the villages, the sports activities or not, the best walks, etc... You will find here all our advice and good plans, tested and approved, for a memorable stay in Dordogne!

Must-see sites to visit in Dordogne Périgord

The Dordogne is a historical department where you can retrace bits of the history of France and of Humanity.
There are dozens of caves, with the famous Lascaux caves at the top (link to article), which will help you discover prehistory. The numerous troglodytic habitats will complete this period, I think in particular of the Village of La Madeleine, world reference of Prehistory.

The 1001 castles will take you back to the heart of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. To help you choose, here is my advice on my favorite castles (link to castles articles).

You want more? Go and visit one of our 9 villages classified "Most beautiful villages of France", they are all as beautiful as each other (link to the villages articles)

Activites in Dordogne Périgord

Apart from all the cultural visits, you will also have a great choice of outdoor activities:

- Hiking on one of the countless trails

- Terra Aventura: the ideal excursion with children, the enigmas to solve and the reward (badge) at the end will make them forget the kilometers

- Canoeing : on the Vézère or the Dordogne, the landscapes are breathtaking

- Swimming in the river: many preserved, wild and little known spots exist, I recommend my favorites to all my clients!

- Escape game: many choices, more and more castles in particular have taken up the game and offer puzzles to solve with family or friends

Quand to come in Dordogne

This beautiful department can be visited all year round!
The Dordogne is a beautiful destination for summer vacations. The climate is temperate and pleasant. Go to the Périgord Noir for canoeing, swimming in the beaches, and other outdoor activities.
Je conseille à tous ceux qui le peuvent de profiter des ailes de saison, c’est-à-dire Mai/juin et Septembre/Octobre, où la météo est parfaite et il y a beaucoup moins de monde.
Moreover, the landscape of the Dordogne is extraordinary in autumn. Visit the castles and climb to the top of the tower for a great view of the city of your choice.
It is also the perfect season for hiking. You could also attend the walnut festival and the chestnut festival.
Finally, in winter, come and taste the incomparable Périgord truffle! We organize stays on the theme of the truffle, from December to February (link to the truffles week-end) .

What to bring from Périgord ?

The Périgord is a gourmet region. You will be able to bring back preserves and confectionery to prosper your culinary tourism. The duck confit which is a specialty of the Dordogne.
Mais il y a également des rillettes, des foies gras, des pâtés, etc. Dégustez le miel et les confitures paysannes. N’oubliez pas le fromage du terroir. Par ailleurs, il y a aussi les truffes, délicieuses du Périgord.
If you're looking for something less consumable, opt for handcrafted souvenirs. The artisans in the area are talented at woodworking. They are also very good at carving stone.
You can also find replicas of medieval jewelry in stone or fossils. The Périgord also abounds in soap factories for handmade soaps of various scents. The most famous is the donkey milk soap which has many cosmetic benefits.


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